5 Quick Tips for Photographing your Space for Apartment Therapy

Over the years I've photographed all types of interiors for Apartment Therapy and while the challenges are usually space related (I've stood in many a closet to get a shot) there are also a handful of styling tips that I've picked up that will make any space look better in pictures. 

Here's the short version, you can visit Apartment Therapy for the full details.

Grab some tape. Gaffers works best for just about everything because it's strong and won't leave a sticky residue. Use it to secure cords and help pillows hold their shape.

Add some warmth by lighting candles and lamps. Dimmers are key for keeping lamps from overwhelming your natural light (you can pick up plug in versions at Ikea.) 

Straighten things up. Lining up chairs (and making sure seat heights are the same) and tidying up books and magazines goes a long ways towards streamlining your shot.

Stuff totes and bags to help them keep their shape. Some crumpled up paper goes a long ways towards keeping anything floppy or slouchy upright.